Rockys Boutique Resort

Thailand, Suratthani


Leisure Thai and Oil Massage at Rocky Resort
At Rocky Resort, all of our masseuses are professionally trained and certified in all types of Thai massage and oil massage. You can relax and listen to the sound of the ocean as you enjoy your treatment.

Family activities
With two swimming pools and secluded beaches. There are also numerous activities that the whole family can enjoy. The island is home to an Aquarium and Tiger Zoo, a Butterfly Garden, beautiful beaches, Elephant Treks, and Island Safari’s.

Additional activities close to the resort:

• Tennis courts
• Gym with fitness machines and free weights
• Karate and self defence classes
• Muay Thai lessons
• Yoga classes
• Relaxing outdoor day spa
• Meditation and Chi-Gong
• Cleansing and de-tox programmes
• Golf driving range