Bespoke Accessibility

At Bespoke, we want you to feel at home. Whether your comfort takes the form of accessible entranceways, parking spaces, specific dietary requirements, or simply the layout of furniture, our priority is always to ensure that you feel welcomed, respected, and fully catered for.

According to studies, 72% of disabled travellers have recently stayed at hotels that failed to meet their accessibility requirements*. We aren’t satisfied with this, and have committed to ensuring our properties are open and accessible to all. From the attentiveness of our staff, to the intelligent design of our facilities, inclusivity is at the heart of everything we do.

While accessibility is a cornerstone of our new-build properties, we are actively seeking intelligent design solutions within our existing portfolio as well - even if this requires us to improvise at times, given the presence of several centuries-old buildings within the group!

WATG Chester Grosvenor Bedroom

But it’s not just about physical features and smart architecture, especially given that 71% of disabled travellers feel further staff training would significantly improve their experience, while only 10% feel they receive sufficient information regarding facilities at the time of booking*. As such, our considerations extend far beyond physical planning, through to ensuring our staff are confident and educated on issues around disability, thereby able to anticipate guests’ needs and ensure they don’t feel self-conscious or on edge.

Fundamentally, we see no reason why accessible solutions should represent a compromise to either able-bodied or disabled guests, and are committed to supporting inclusivity through good design. To this end, we launched the Bespoke Access Awards in 2016 - the first design competition of its kind - aimed at promoting better experiences for all our guests, as well as raising awareness and empathy within the hospitality world.

WATG White Place Lobby

The first year of the Bespoke Access Awards was a great success that attracted enormous interest from across the hospitality sector, the travel industry, the design world, and, indeed, disability charities.

We will be announcing the second edition of The Competition in September of 2017, with a focus on encouraging further entries to the service category, particularly those that focus on staff training. Alongside this, we will be inserting an additional category that focuses on encouraging the employment of staff with disabilities.

Above all, we want to ensure that you are able to relax and enjoy the full range of hotels comprising the Bespoke portfolio. We want you to feel valued and respected. Like a human being, not merely a room number.