Mount Hartman Bay Estate

Grenada, Lance-Aux-Epines


Food and drink is one of the highlights of any stay at Mount Hartman Bay Estate, thanks to our award-winning chef and dedicated kitchen team. We grow many fruits and vegetables on the Estate, including passion fruit, coconuts, water melons, papaya, mangoes, bananas, golden apple, oranges, limes, pumpkins, tomatoes, callaloo, dasheen and almonds, and we take pride in serving what we’ve grown.

Lunch at Mount Hartman Bay Estate is a casual affair, with both daily specials and a full a la carte menu to choose from. Often served outdoors, the menu choices are relatively light unless you request otherwise. Slightly more formal than lunch and, out of courtesy to our other guests, we prefer to have no shorts or t-shirts at dinner.  

Our all day bar serves wines, beers, soft drinks, water and cocktails, plus tea and coffee. We prepare our own ginger tea, deliciously refreshing hot or cold with fresh ginger, cloves and cinnamon.