Jakes Hotel Villas and Spa

Jamaica, Treasure Beach

Key Features


About Jakes Hotel Villas and Spa

Jakes is a series of 35 suites in brightly coloured cottages stretching along 150 yards of waterfront at Treasure Beach, Jamaica. For the independent-minded traveller looking for a laid-back place to stay in the Caribbean, Jakes is pretty near perfect. Typical of the place is Duggie's - a small thatched and bamboo-fronted bar, which is often the focus of activity at Jakes.

The cottages are built in an eccentric cross between the Caribbean and Moroccan style with domes, rounded arches and canopies on posts. All of the rooms have outdoor space, including outside showers or baths. There are no in-room televisions or phones at Jakes - life here is way too enjoyable and laid-back for such reminders of daily life, though you will find a CD player in your room.

Other facilities include two restaurants, salt-water swimming pool, a games rooms, the Driftwood Spa and a thatched yoga deck.

Sunday Telegraph, January 2010:, "For a hotel that has remained consistently popular over many years, Jakes in Jamaica has rather impressively remained consistently affordable too. Jakes has 'cool' stamped all over it, and its laidback rusticity that so many hotels attempt to re-create, is genuine."



Calabash Bay, Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica