Gibbs Glade Cottage

Barbados, Gibbs

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Barbados is blessed with a sizzling tropical climate and palm-fringed white sandy beaches.  There is so much to discover - from the natural beauty of tropical flowers and breathtaking rural landscapes, to plantation houses and historic towns proudly preserved in Bajan culture.  The gentle, laid-back rhythm of the island is both captivating and calming. The friendly, fun-loving Barbadians are also famous for spicing up the balmy atmosphere with live Caribbean music, soul food and colourful calypso dancing.

Close to Gibbs Glade Cottage are Mullins Beach - a busy, lively beach with a bar and restaurant, where various water sports are available. And Gibbs – a beautiful, peaceful beach that is an easy walk, through Gibbs Glade itself.

Soft, warm, white sandy beaches await you all around Barbados with a coastline to every taste.  The Platinum Coast, on the west, has a glorious silvery shoreline lapped by calm Caribbean waves. Snorkelling in the clear turquoise waters is a great way to see the hawksbill turtles and explore the shoals of tropical fish inhabiting the coral reef.  On the East Coast, the dramatic Atlantic Ocean crashes over wild rugged rocks, wonderful to watch and ideal for surfing. The long rolling waves of the South Coast are perfect for body boarding.

Flights to Barbados:

From London and Manchester:

  • Virgin Atlantic
  • British Airways