Killcare Heights is on the spectacular Bouddi Peninsula, the southernmost point of the NSW Central Coast. 20 minute ferry trip from Sydney's Palm Beach or a 90 minute drive northbound from Sydney, on the F3 freeway. 

When you arrive at Bells, you’ll find it hard to believe that you’re just 60 miles from Australia’s largest and most cosmopolitan city (on a clear day you can see the Sydney skyline). Bells is set on a ridge of native bushland, adjacent to wild escarpments of apricot sandstone cliffs and coastal heathlands. Step down to sand dunes, gilded beaches and rocky headlands sprayed with mist.

Within a few minutes’ drive there are quaint, estuarine villages of Hardys Bay, Pretty Beach and Wagstaffe. Here you’ll find timber fishing boats, mangrove fringed shorelines, oyster farms and little fibro cottages. 

You can get to Bells by sea-plane, private helicopter (on-site helipad), Palm Beach Ferry or via the F3 freeway.

Bells at Killcare,
107 The Scenic Road,
Killcare Heights,
Bouddi Peninsula,

NSW 2257   |  +02 4349 7000