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Good Service Awards

If you have enjoyed a meal or recent stay with us and one of our staff was particularly helpful we would like to hear from you.

Yes your votes do count, as every year we have an ‘employee of the year’ award ceremony for those members of staff who have performed especially well. We are keen to reward good service and hope you will find this outlet useful.

The winner gets to keep the 'Growler flask' pictured and a super holiday...

We can’t judge them without you so please; enter your name, contact details, nomination and the date(s) of your meal or stay in the form below and we will announce the winner, as soon as all the votes are in.

Thank you.



2011 winners of Bespoke's Good Service Award:
pictured, from left to right: Carol Radlett (The Frogmill Hotel), Haydn Fentum (Bespoke Hotels), Jennifer Hopkins (Pinewood Hotel), Lord Daresbury (Bespoke Hotels) & Jen O'Rourke (The Talbot Hotel)


2009 winners of Bespoke's Good Service Award


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