Hotel GB opens Monday 1 October, with the setting revealed as Bepoke's Bermondsey Square Hotel. Gordon Ramsay and Mary Portas will be joined by a raft of other Channel 4 talent - including Gok Wan, Phil Spencer, Dr Christian Jessen, Kirstie Allsop and Katie Piper - when they take over the Bermondsey Square Hotel, which has been fully rebranded Hotel GB.

You can see the Channel 4 trailer here.

With Hotel GB being used as a training ground for a range of currently unemployed people, and a means of raising funds for employment charities and training schemes, Bespoke Hotels Chairman Robin Sheppard is delighted to be helping out, “The show will provide opportunities for people looking to work in hospitality and raise money for relevant charities. And it’s great to see our own industry as the subject for a high-profile TV show. Hopefully this will raise a lot of awareness of just how much hard work goes in behind the scenes in the hospitality industry, and also by putting ourselves in the spotlight, we’ll help to raise standards.”

Team Gordon vs Team Mary

Team Gordon will oversee the Hotel GB restaurant and bar, while Team Mary will manage the bedrooms, reception, spa and hotel shop. The two celebrity teams will compete to raise as much money as possible.

Channel 4 stars will mentor hotel workers and each day will see a major event or challenge in the hotel designed to raise money and test the emerging skills of the staff. Members of the public can book to stay in the hotel or visit the spa and restaurant – and pay for the services on offer.

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