Le Pondy, No. 3 Lake View Road, Pudukuppam, Nallvadu Post, Pondicherry, 605007

Nearest airport:

Domestic: Puducherry Airport, 15 kilometres. International: Chennai International Airport, 156 kilometres.

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Pondicherry (or Puducherry) is in the south-eastern state of Tamil Nadu. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in south India. The city has colonial buildings, churches and temples, unspoilt beaches and fishing villages. The resort itself is the other side of the Chunnambar River, a few kilometres south of Pondicherry, and close to Paradise Beach.

Nearby attractions:

The Arikamedu archeological site is a glimpse of ancient Roman trading in this part of the world. It has been a treasure trove of Roman artifacts like lamps, glassware and so on, dating back to 1 BC.

The Aurobindo ashram, a popular landmark in Pondicherry is a row of interconnected houses, including the buildings where Sri Aurobindo and The Mother lived and meditated. A white marble shrine, their final resting place is a place of reverence for many who follow their teachings.

Bharathi Park is close to the famous Promenade Beach, surrounded by governor building, Roman Rolland library, it houses Aayi Mandap, a monument constructed by a French emperor in memory of a lady courtesan, Aayi,

Bharathidasan memorial to two great Tamil poets Bharathiyar and Bharathidasan

Botanical Garden. Established in the 19th century, the Botanical Garden became better known when the film Life of Pi was shot here.

Chunnambar Boat House (Paradise Beach). For ferry/pleasure rides and jet-skiing to Paradise Beach,  a beautiful spot only accessible by water.

Kalki. A shop in Mission Street and treasure trove for candles, potpourri, hand painted silks, scarves, jewellery, and handbags.

Matrimandir. A beautiful quiet hall for meditation with a dome covered on the outside by golden discs that reflect the sun. The Matrimandir Viewing Point, a raised garden area offers a striking view of the building.

Mohanam Culture Centre. For a taste of local Tamil culture, visit the Mohanam Culture Centre near Auroville. The centre aims to revive local arts including folk dances (Kummi, Karagam and Kolaatam), martial arts (Silambam) and theatre (therukoothu).

Ousteri. 10 kilometres from Pondicherry, Ousteri Lake (Osudu) is one of the biggest freshwater lakes in the city. In December it swarms with migratory birds.

Quiet Healing Centre. Rejuvenate yourself with Watsu (water-based therapy), shiatsu, sound healing, acupuncture, hot stone massages at this health spa in Auroville.

Svaram is a musical museum and research centre in Auroville - a must-visit place for musicians.

Siruvanthadu. Hosts over 2,500 silk weavers. With over 300 silk sari stores, the customer service is exceptional with vendors willing to customize saris.

Zuka Chocolate Café in Mission Street.

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