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What Gives a Spa Hotel its Feel-Good Factor?

It goes without saying that a break at a nice spa hotel has some serious feel-good factors, but a natter with Lifehouse Hotel and Spa’s naturopath Sue Davis made us realise that there’s really a lot more to it than meets the eye. Depending on what your favourite feature of a holiday, mini-break or weekend away, certain sense-simulating factors are going way beyond the aesthetic to stimulate serotonin.

boutique hotel

Good taste

Good food is a joy on so many levels. It is quite literally a feast for the senses, whether it’s something warm and comforting in the winter, or fresh and healthy in the summer.

If you are a fan of seafood however then the particularly good news is that the Vitamin D found in oily fish actually is known as a mood-booster. That must be one of the reasons we are so in love with the restaurant at another spa hotel, The Lugger Hotel in Cornwall then!

Gentle touch

Have you ever heard of cuddle clubs? Groups of strangers get together and pay to have a collective hug because science shows that touch makes us feel better and can also boost the white blood cells.

Well it’s not like you need an excuse to head to a spa hotel, but it turns out that with that thinking in mind, having a massage is about more than getting rid of those knots, it’s about all round happiness.

Spa Hotel

Sight for sore eyes

It always seems incredible to us how much happiness can be generated during a walk surrounded by trees, beautiful gardens and verdant countryside. Well, according to the chakras certain colours can really affect our mood in a positive way.

Violets and purples are optimistic but green is a bit of a whiz when it comes to feeling happy. It is the colour of rejuvenation, it’s neutral and soothing – all the things that one is generally not feeling by the time Friday afternoon comes along and you can’t tell your nose from your elbow, and all the more reason to head to the likes of Cotswold House Hotel.

Sound advice

Not sure about you but for most of us the day is frequently peppered with the sounds of various electronic devices pinging into action – Tweets, voicemails, text messages, emails, phone calls, and app updates galore. It’s a never-ending stream of things and people demanding attention. It is not relaxing.

Sound doesn’t have to be that way though, it can be supremely uplifting. Think about he sound of waves crashing against the shore, a stream merrily making its way through a garden where the only other sound is birdsong. If happiness had a sound it would definitely include a secluded waterside location like Dunollie Hotel on the Isle of Skye.

Bespoke hotels - The Grosvenor Arms Shaftesbury

Smell of de-stress

Did you know that in Japan they frequently spray their factories with citrus essential oils in the mornings to boost productivity? Smell, it seems, makes a big difference to how we feel about life – lavender to relax and unwind, mandarin to soothe toddler tantrums, and citrus to remind us of the heady days of summer.

For some that might mean heading overseas to somewhere like the Pretti Resort to wake up to the smell of lemon groves in the morning. For others it might mean booking a massage or taking a few essential oils with you to enjoy with a good book in a roll top bath or at a spa hotel.

Bespoke Restaurants-Lugger Hotel a Most Memorable Meal

It is not by accident that Mary Berry has seen a renaissance in her popularity in recent years, or that MasterChef has such an avid following, we are a nation in love with our food. As such epicurean innovators across the land are rising to the fore and proving their creative flair when it comes to both traditional and contemporary food. And so it is at Bespoke Restaurants.

Bespoke Restaurants & Hotels - The LuggerSo on the dramatic coast of Cornwall, surrounded by cliffs and headlands it is therefore fitting that The Lugger Hotel holds a dear place in our food-loving hearts because of Bespoke Restaurants’ Lugger Hotel Head Chef Jonathan Dome’s flair  when it comes to fish.

Situated almost in the water, you can half imagine your dinner’s protagonists jumping out of the water and straight onto the plate. What makes it a step above the rest is Dome’s personal touch, and that’s not just when it comes to fish. The French chef (with a pedigree encompassing stints at Le Gavroche and The Dorchester) has some serious je ne sais quoi when it comes to dealing with a duck leg, gurnard madras, or beetroot dauphinoise.

Bespoke Restaurants -Lugger Room 2-min
The Lugger Hotel Bedroom

We don’t want to be too leading on what you should choose if you are lucky enough to tuck-in here, but just to say we had a particularly enjoyable experience with the scallop, citrus fruit and pistachio praline starter. That said, we were seriously tempted by the crab soufflé as well, so if you happen to try that on your next visit then perhaps you would give Bespoke Restaurants a shout with your thoughts in the comments section or on Twitter.

Bespoke Restaurants - The Lugger

It’s always nice to have a little formal accreditation to prove one’s expertise and as such the restaurant has two AA Rosettes and (fingers and toes crossed) another one on the way. To be frank though, we would head back even if it didn’t have awards to its name.

The Lugger features one of the Bespoke restaurants that are available at all our hotels in the UK

A Cotswolds Bespoke Hotel – Explore the Quiet Side of England

Stonehouse-Court-HotelAre you looking for the ideal location to unwind and relax this spring? Do you want an area that provides stunning views and small, quaint villages, untouched by modern fads and gimmicks? Perhaps it’s time you visited a Cotswolds Bespoke Hotel and experienced Southern England’s world famous Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

You can start by researching the Cotswolds Bespoke Hotels so that you can catch a glimpse of what awaits, before you plan which activities you wish to undertake and ensure that you pack all of the essentials for the trip. With the weather getting better by the hour, you’ll probably spend a lot of time outdoors, so make sure you have the right type clothing and footwear to enjoy the hills, parks, and gardens.

Relax in Style in a Cotswolds Bespoke Hotel

Cotswold House Hotel

A Cotswolds Bespoke Hotel resembles an old world country estate and provides lashings of both luxury and home comfort. Many of these chic hotels stand on acres of land and all are surrounded by rare natural beauty. It’s not uncommon to look out your window and see beautifully landscaped gardens with butterflies flittering everywhere, especially at this time of year. In fact, you may become so relaxed and comfortable that you don’t want to leave your bed at all!

However, despite the stunning views, if you choose to sit in your room on your spring break you’ll will miss out on so much that the Cotswolds area has to offer. Although it can be difficult to leave when staying at a Cotswolds Bespoke Hotel that caters to your every whim, it wouldn’t be a true spring break if you didn’t see some of the beauty of the region. When researching a Cotswolds Bespoke Hotel, be sure to ask about any local events happening so you can plan your itinerary. Our staff will be more than happy to help.

Exploring the Countryside

Cotswolds- Bespoke-Hotel
Bespoke Country Hotels

Although Bespoke chic hotels give you every reason to stay in bed all day, you’ll be glad you ventured out. While visiting the area you can take advantage of the beautiful parks by taking walks on the trails or having a hillside picnic. You can also rent a kayak or electric boat to explore the canals. If you want a really relaxing day, take a stroll through one of the many gardens or arboretums in the area, or if you prefer indoor activities there are plenty of museums to help you learn about the area. You can then finish off your day with a dinner at the great restaurant in your Cotswold Bespoke Hotel.

Indunil Upatissa- country-hotel-chef
Indunil Upatissa Award Winning Chef at the Noel Arms Hotel

A Cotswolds Bespoke Hotel fits right into the beautiful essence of the region. With landscaped gardens and superb architecture of the Cotswolds, you’ll leave your holiday feeling renewed and relaxed.

Check out which Cotswolds Bespoke Hotel suits you and then book your spring break here.

How Bespoke Hotels Provide You with Personalised Service

Afternoon-Tea-in-Bermondsey-Square-HotelIf you’ve stayed overnight in one of those large and impersonal hotels where you struggle to locate truly individual service and quickly you become more of a number than a guest, it’s time to seek out one of the Bespoke Hotels across the UK (and the rest of the world!) to find a property that bases its whole existence on providing you with a better and more enjoyable stay.

Bermondsey Square Hotel
Bermondsey Square Hotel

All Bespoke Hotels are more than just a little different, which in turn makes them extremely special. Once you’ve experienced the elegance and comfort of any one of our Country, Family, Business, Luxury or Boutique hotels, you’ll always wish to seek one out as you travel.

Guaranteeing Luxury Facilities

Although the majority of Bespoke Hotels are much smaller than the monolithic, imposing brand names, you’ll know you’re going to receive a wonderful welcome, luxurious facilities and great personal service during your stay. All of Bespoke Hotels’ boutique properties are unique in this regard and will provide a stylish and intimate setting for you as well as a great restaurant for every meal of the day.

Why Bespoke Hotels are successful

Bespoke Hotels survive on their reputation which means they must provide excellent service so that their customers keep coming back. Customers only return because they are provided with a level of personal service that goes beyond the norm provided at bog standard hotels.

Because Bespoke Hotels are relatively small, it is easy for the employees and the customers to get to know each other and understand how everything clicks into place. Because customers of these hotels are bonding with employees, there’s a better morale amongst all concerned. A better morale always provides a higher level of personal service and a genuine interest in the customer’s stay at the hotel. In other word, you will feel the benefits!


Bespoke Country House Hotels

Quiet or Busy?

Depending upon your requirements, Bespoke Hotels can vary from those fitted with the latest technology and gadgets to enable you to operate uninterrupted throughout your stay, to those of a quieter and more sedate disposition, that seek to provide a relaxing atmosphere and a stress-free stay because the employees are able to devote their time to the customer’s individual needs.

Many Bespoke Hotels create a niche which is valued by many travellers and this is what sets them apart from the competition. When a hotel knows and understands your particular quirks and requirements, then in turn makes sure they are attended to time after time, you’ll come away all the more satisfied.

A full range of facilities

Bespoke Hotel Golf Breaks

Looking for a Spa, a great round of Golf, a visit to a cultural city, or a place for your next conference or even that special wedding venue?  Well Bespoke Hotels can offer them all. Not all our hotels provide all these facilities but Bespoke Hotels has properties around the UK and the world that are renowned for the great facilities they offer.  Whether you want to play golf at Carnoustie, have a spa break in Cornwall or arrange a truly special wedding in the Cotswolds, Bespoke Hotels can offer you some great locations.  Just visit the Bespoke Hotels’ web site to choose your next visit by clicking here.