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How Bespoke Hotels Provide You with Personalised Service

Afternoon-Tea-in-Bermondsey-Square-HotelIf you’ve stayed overnight in one of those large and impersonal hotels where you struggle to locate truly individual service and quickly you become more of a number than a guest, it’s time to seek out one of the Bespoke Hotels across the UK (and the rest of the world!) to find a property that bases its whole existence on providing you with a better and more enjoyable stay.

Bermondsey Square Hotel
Bermondsey Square Hotel

All Bespoke Hotels are more than just a little different, which in turn makes them extremely special. Once you’ve experienced the elegance and comfort of any one of our Country, Family, Business, Luxury or Boutique hotels, you’ll always wish to seek one out as you travel.

Guaranteeing Luxury Facilities

Although the majority of Bespoke Hotels are much smaller than the monolithic, imposing brand names, you’ll know you’re going to receive a wonderful welcome, luxurious facilities and great personal service during your stay. All of Bespoke Hotels’ boutique properties are unique in this regard and will provide a stylish and intimate setting for you as well as a great restaurant for every meal of the day.

Why Bespoke Hotels are successful

Bespoke Hotels survive on their reputation which means they must provide excellent service so that their customers keep coming back. Customers only return because they are provided with a level of personal service that goes beyond the norm provided at bog standard hotels.

Because Bespoke Hotels are relatively small, it is easy for the employees and the customers to get to know each other and understand how everything clicks into place. Because customers of these hotels are bonding with employees, there’s a better morale amongst all concerned. A better morale always provides a higher level of personal service and a genuine interest in the customer’s stay at the hotel. In other word, you will feel the benefits!


Bespoke Country House Hotels

Quiet or Busy?

Depending upon your requirements, Bespoke Hotels can vary from those fitted with the latest technology and gadgets to enable you to operate uninterrupted throughout your stay, to those of a quieter and more sedate disposition, that seek to provide a relaxing atmosphere and a stress-free stay because the employees are able to devote their time to the customer’s individual needs.

Many Bespoke Hotels create a niche which is valued by many travellers and this is what sets them apart from the competition. When a hotel knows and understands your particular quirks and requirements, then in turn makes sure they are attended to time after time, you’ll come away all the more satisfied.

A full range of facilities

Bespoke Hotel Golf Breaks

Looking for a Spa, a great round of Golf, a visit to a cultural city, or a place for your next conference or even that special wedding venue?  Well Bespoke Hotels can offer them all. Not all our hotels provide all these facilities but Bespoke Hotels has properties around the UK and the world that are renowned for the great facilities they offer.  Whether you want to play golf at Carnoustie, have a spa break in Cornwall or arrange a truly special wedding in the Cotswolds, Bespoke Hotels can offer you some great locations.  Just visit the Bespoke Hotels’ web site to choose your next visit by clicking here.

4 Top Tips for Mothering Sunday from Bespoke Hotels

Mothering-Sunday-at-Bespoke-HotelsMothering Sunday, the Christian holiday is celebrated throughout Europe on the 4th Sunday in Lent. In recent times, it has become a significant occasion for honouring the mothers of children and giving them presents. Here at Bespoke Hotels we have a range of great ideas to mark the date, which this year falls on 30th March. Everything from special lunches, to that great British institution – Afternoon Tea. Or for those who truly wish to pamper their mum we can offer Spa packages and gift vouchers.

Poolside-at -Bespoke-Spa-Hotels
Frederik’s Pool

Mothering Sunday is increasingly being called Mother’s Day, although that holiday has other origins, and is celebrated in the same way as Mother’s Day is celebrated elsewhere.

The revival in the UK must be attributed to Constance Smith, a High Anglican who believed that “a day in praise of mothers” was fully expressed in the liturgy of the Church of England for the fourth Sunday of Lent. This is not entirely the case, but Smith, who never became a mother, reconnected simnel cakes, which may not be on every Bespoke Hotels Afternoon Tea menu, and other customs of the day that survived with the honouring of mothers. Under a pen name she published a booklet The Revival of Mothering Sunday in 1920. Things quickly snowballed, encouraged by feelings felt by many mothers of lost their sons in the First World War.

But what shall we give our mum?

Afternoon Tea

Now we can not only send traditional paper cards, but ecards to our mothers as well as a wide range of gifts bought online or in the high street. Yet despite this diversification, traditions still linger and taking your mother out for lunch at a Bespoke Hotel is one that steadfastly remains. However, Mothering Sunday is approaching fast and Bespoke Hotels strongly recommend that you book to ensure your table for lunch.

Showing your mum how much she means to you by treating her to a wonderful, happy day is priceless. But there is pressure to meet expectations! to help inspire you, here are 4 tips direct from Bespoke Hotels:-

1.    Breakfast in bed

Surprise your Mum with breakfast in bed and some of Bespoke Hotels chefs’ healthy suggestions:
•    Breakfast smoothie
•    Scrambled eggs with asparagus
•    Cinnamon fruit toast
•    A cheeky glass of Champagne

2.    A gift from the heart


Chocolates are high in fat and calorie laden, so consider an alternative gift for your mum, such as the following:-
•    Gift Baskets
•    Jewellery
•    Perfume
•    Spa Tokens
•    Days Out
•    Magazine Subscriptions
•    Flowers

3.    Have fun together

Bespoke Country House Hotels

Plan a fun activity together that you know your mum will enjoy, such as a gentle walk in the country to enjoy the spring blooms if you’re having lunch at one of Bespoke Hotels Country Hotels. Not only will you have fun together but you’ll be keeping fit and burning off your indulgent lunch, too!

4.    A Spring Break

A slap up meal out can be a lovely way of saying thank you mum.  However, there are other ways that Bespoke Hotels can help:-
•     Spa Breaks
•     London Shopping Breaks
•     Short Seasonal Breaks
•     Gift Vouchers

Whatever you’re thinking of doing for your mum this Mothering Sunday, Bespoke Hotels have some great ideas and offers for you.  Just have a browse around our website from the link here and you’ll be sure to find some inspiration.

Bespoke Hotels solution if the bad weather is getting you down

Bespoke-hotels-solution-to-bad-weatherSo you’ve just splashed our way through the wettest December and January for many years… What effect is this miserable weather having on our general health and wellbeing? And how exactly does one to stay upbeat in a downpour? Some Bespoke Hotels’ expert advice could be just the ticket.

If your umbrella has turned inside out at the very moment a packed bus drove through the puddle to your side, or if you think you’re coming down with a cold, you’re not alone. In fact, I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been there over the past few weeks.

All the same, it’s time to face facts. This is the UK. The weather is frequently rubbish and nothing if not unpredictable. We just have to learn to live with it – and be prepared to make the most of every day, come rain or shine.
There’s no escaping the fact that dull, wet weather can make you feel miserable. But only if you let it. The solution? Enjoy that great British institution – Afternoon Tea at a Bespoke Hotels near you.

Bespoke-Hotels-Winter-Getaway-OfferThere are now 80 Bespoke Hotels in the UK .  Many offer a great Afternoon Tea and all serve up a fantastic morning coffee.  Whether in the centre of towns, alone in the countryside, from the Highlands of Scotland to the land’s end in Cornwall, from glitzy London to the tranquil Cotswolds.  All are there to cheer you up, no time more so than on these relentlessly grey days

In the meantime, without further ado, allow us to present to you some Bespoke solutions to the misery!

Stand up!

Bespoke Spa Hotels

Changing your posture and body language can help you laugh off the rain, too. Don’t slump over and crush what little spirit is left. Recline, stretch out, and feel your body revitalise, especially in the tranquil surroundings of a Bespoke spa hotel.

Wake up!

Convinced the weather’s making you feel tired and lethargic? On the contrary, it’s what’s happening indoors that’s really causing your energy to falter. The trick is to fight that urge, get up and get moving as soon as possible.

Instead of staying cooped up indoors, motivate yourself to go outside and ‘embrace‘ the rain. Going for a walk or a ride during a downpour can be exhilarating and release more endorphins to your brain. The result? You feel better and brighter.

Wrap up!

There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. Ensure you’re prepared for a downpour with a waterproof jacket and extra layers to hand just in case – and never leave home without an umbrella because, sartorial considerations aside, it’s important to stay as dry and comfortable as possible to fight off coughs and colds.

Back up!

As anyone who’s lived in the UK for more than five minutes already knows, it pays to have a back-up plan where the weather’s concerned. Why not consider a couple of days off and enjoy Bespoke Hotels’ Winter Getaway Breaks from just £25 per person per night.

Wise up!

Lastly, don’t always be tempted to blame the weather if you’re feeling low. If you’ve been worried by a other major aspect of your life, those concerns aren’t going to be any more or less real just because it’s raining.

But a bit of TLC never does any harm. So whether it’s a couple of days or just afternoon tea, a visit to Bespoke Hotels in this miserable weather will be sure to provide a cup of cheer!

family-friendly-hotelOh and if you decide to get away during next week’s half term, check out our great range of family hotels here.

How Bespoke Family Hotels Bring Convenience to Families between Christmas and New Year

Bespoke-family-hotels-christmas-2013Parents will admit that finding accommodation that provides for all of your needs at a great price can be extremely difficult, especially when your children are going to be staying with you. Bespoke family hotels understand the specific needs of the adults and children during their stay and can cater well for everyone’s needs and ensure that no one is neglected at great prices between Christmas and New Year.

Services and Facilities from Bespoke Family Hotels

For everyone to be accommodated at great prices sufficiently and effectively during a stay at a hotel between Christmas  and New Year there must be a wide range of services and facilities to make certain that people of all ages are well provided for.

Bespoke Family Hotels

This doesn’t just mean that Bespoke family hotels’ rooms uses a mini-bar, but more that it caters for the specific needs of every age. There will be a good-sized television and perhaps a DVD player to cater for children’s needs, with some hotels even providing games machines in some hotel rooms. Also a lot of Bespoke family hotels have special events during the period between Christmas  and New Year.

During the recession some families have found it difficult to be able to eat in hotels for every meal everyday which is why good quality Bespoke family hotels offer great value children’s menus as well as offers for adults so that the family can enjoy all the facilities of Bespoke family hotels between Christmas and New Year without leaving the accommodation to seek meals elsewhere.

Security is Important

Where a family is travelling away from their home, they are outside of their comfort zone because they do not understand the area where they are living, temporarily. Bespoke family hotels provide 24/7 service and security tol help keep a family reassured that they are safe and secure while they are in the confines of the hotel grounds.

The guests will expect that the majority of travellers in Bespoke family hotels to be similar to themselves so all Bespoke family hotels are friendly for families as between Christmas and New Year they are not targeted directly at business people with no allowance for the young or the elderly.

Bespoke family hotels think carefully about the security of young children to be attractive for families on their travels as they understand that the room, general areas as well as swimming pools and child friendly areas will be safe for their use.

Meals in Bespoke Family Hotels Restaurants

Bespoke-Family-Hotel-RestaurantsAs previously stated, one of the essential aspects of Bespoke family hotels is in the quality of the menu in restaurants and snack bars. Children do not usually wish to eat the same food as their parents or guardians, but that doesn’t mean that they need to live on burgers and hot dogs while they are staying in the hotel. Bespoke family hotels provide a range of tasty alternatives on their menus so that everyone can be satisfied.

So wherever you wish to stay Bespoke family hotels have great offers between Christmas and New Year but you’d better hurry to book as rooms are going quickly.  Choose your hotel here and then book here .

Bespoke Hotels wish you and all your family season’s greetings and look forward to seeing you very soon.