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Making the Most of Your Health at Bespoke Spa Hotels

Bespoke Spa Hotels

Life can be extremely busy and stressful, especially at this time of year. Everyone appears to be expected to get more done, and these increased responsibilities can have a detrimental effect on people’s health and relationships. As a means of bringing back balance to your health and life, it doesn’t get much better than time spent at Bespoke spa hotels.

 Bespoke Spa Hotels Are Not Only About Relaxation

When stress and troubles seem overwhelming, why not head towards one of the Bespoke spa hotels and make use of the facilities to help you chill out and relax, whether it be for a day, a weekend, or even a full blown holiday.

The 15 Bespoke spa hotels across the UK offer so much more than relaxation, although having the opportunity to slow down your active life and bring your mind, body and spirit back into balance will undoubtedly give you a much needed boost. At this particular part of the year, with its biting winds and never-ending grey veil, look out for some special offers at the Bespoke Spa hotel of your choice.

The Health Advantages

Spa breaks at luxury hotels

The facilities at the Bespoke spa hotels can bring a wide range of healthy rewards to your body and mind. Many people suffer from muscular aches and pains which often means that they experience discomfort whilst at work and at home. A longer term visit to your Bespoke spa hotel can help you relax and repair sore muscles and other injuries, improving your circulation and soothing the problematic areas.

Bespoke spa hotels are also a great place for you to reset your heart rate and lower your blood pressure at a price that you can afford. By taking regular time to indulge in a range of the available activities at a Bespoke spa hotel, you may even find that you kiss goodbye to an extra few pounds!

Enhancing Sleep

Bespoke Hotels which have attached activities in the form of a spa centre understand the many small and inconvenient illnesses that can weigh on so many. People often sleep quite poorly when in such a state, which in turn can cause individuals to be depressed and irritable. The specialist Bespoke spa hotels can provide a great deal of relaxation, preparing your body for a better night’s sleep and offering recommendations on a variety of therapies tailored to your particular requirements by the expertly trained staff.

Poolside-at -Bespoke-Spa-Hotels
Frederik’s Pool

Whether you have a desire to be pampered, a need to reduce stress, the means to control diabetes, or the wish to eliminate pains in your bones and body, Bespoke spa hotels will introduce you to a variety of opportunities that will amaze you in terms of their benefits.

Choose your Bespoke spa hotel here then have a look at the current range of special offers here before going here and booking your spa break.

Bite 2014 the Cotswold Food Festival is supported by Bespoke Hotels

Bite-2014-sponsored-by-Bespoke-hotelsIt’s all in the name, really. Bite 2014, sponsored by Bespoke Hotels, has everything you could possibly want to get your teeth into. It’s all coming to the Cotswolds between 1st and 9th February 2014: breakfasts, brunches, lunches, teas & dinners, pop-up restaurants, cocktails and fine wines, masterclasses, talks and tastings, an Open Kitchen trail, meet the chef events and book signings, food fairs and farmers’ markets sponsored by Bespoke Hotels.
BITE 2014 is a can’t miss event for all food lovers. To register for their newsletter and for further booking details visit the Bespoke Hotels’ web site here.

For those who don’t know the Cotswolds, it’s one of England’s favourite destinations, famous for hundreds of honey-colour limestone villages surrounded by rolling hills and winding country lanes.

Bite 2014, sponsored by Bespoke Hotels, is just one the events taking place here amidst the fabulous Cotswolds hotels and beautiful scenery.  Lively cultural events, a year round season of sporting events and festivals – even the range of individual, quirky shops here – have all combined to ensure repeat visitors are in plentiful supply. For lovers of the quaint and rustic, the Cotswolds is a delight – full of experiences, inspiration and shops that you just can’t find anywhere else.

Winter in the Cotswolds

Winter in the Cotswolds offers long walks in the spectacular, unspoiled countryside, followed of course by cosy hotels, pubs and tea rooms dotted around the villages and towns. Perhaps visit the Capital of the Cotswolds, Cirencester, or maybe Stow on the Wold to admire the views from its hill top location. But that’s not to say the smaller towns and villages don’t have much to offer. The Slaughters, Broad Campden, Chalford, Bibury, Longborough and many, many more each have a unique character and we’d recommend spending a day or two exploring them at your leisure.

Cotswold House Hotel

Take Chipping Campden, for example. Here Bespoke Hotels can offer you two choices – The Cotswold House Hotel and the Noel Arms – both primary venues for Bite 2014. The village will appeal to discerning travellers visiting the Cotswolds in search of tranquility, sublime comfort, exceptional food, and a stunning spa.  The contemporary style makes Bespoke Hotels’ Cotswold House and Spa one of the most admired boutique hotels in the region, as well as an award winning retreat for the therapeutically-minded.

Across the high street, The Noel Arms Hotel  is one of the oldest Cotswold inns. It’s a building steeped in history. They even say Charles II stayed here during the English Civil War! When staying at the Noel Arms, be sure not to miss trying one of chef Indunil’s famous curries – so good that he is the current holder of the Best Pub Curry Chef Award at the Great British Pub Food Awards! Additionally, as befits  Bespoke Hotels , both these properties give ample opportunity for you to put your feet up in front of the log fire, read the papers and treat yourself to a Bite 2014 Event.

BITE 2014 Pop-Up Masterclass Theatre

In partnership with Bower Willis Designs, Bespoke Hotels will transform the Dining Room at The Cotswold House Hotel into a BITE 2014 Pop Up Masterclass Theatre, showcasing a whole host of skills giving you the chance to learn at the hands of the experts.

No matter which Bite 2014 events attract you, a stay at one of Bespoke Hotels’ Cotswold hotels is be a must.  To book your accommodation, click here and for more information on Bite 2014, click here.


Keep up to date with BITE 2014 news and exclusive content by clicking here and signing up for the official mailing list. Enter your details now to be entered into our competition for a chance to win an overnight stay and two tickets to the event of your choice during the main festival.

Bespoke Hotels are best with the Winter Getaway offer.

Bespoke-Hotels-Winter-Getaway-OfferWhilst it might be tempting to make like a bear and hibernate until winter’s end, we think a trip out of town might be just the thing to kickstart your year. Especially when you consider the offer of a room for only £25 per person from Bespoke Hotels .

Why not visit destinations that are actually improved by the chill? Locations with snow-covered paths, piping hot chocolate and wood-burning fireplaces are just the ticket for this time of year. And you can visit them all by booking the Bespoke Hotels Winter Getaway offer.

With this in mind, Bespoke Hotels are offering a surprising number of honest-to-goodness winter wonderlands from just £25 per person, per night.

From properties close to our big cities and their January sales, to magnificent castle hotels set in acres of picturesque countryside, a Bespoke Hotels Winter Getaway has something for everyone at an extremely affordable price.

Expect roaring fires, cosy armchairs, festive afternoon teas and especially crafted seasonal menus. From Cornwall to Scotland, Bespoke Hotels has the best of aristocratic Britain.

Winter Getaway 2014

For example let’s look at the offering of the Ennerdale Country House Hotel in the Lake District. The Lakeland mountains are especially magnificent at this time of year, when a sense of calm descends and brings visitors closer to the surrounding wooded slopes.

The Bespoke Hotels Winter Getaway offer also extends to 13 hotels in Scotland.  From the camaraderie of the hotel bar and steamed restaurant windows, to the prospect of actual bonafide skiing, it’s a majestic place at this time of year. Castles abound both to stay in and visit, making this a truly spellbinding place to visit in the winter.

Come February the days lengthen, but the colder temperatures arrive. The place to head for then is the Cotswolds.  The “olde-world” charm of Bespoke Hotels 3 properties in the area and the wealth of history and peace enjoyed by the region make it a perfect place to visit for just £25 per person, per night. You’ll take home favourite memories of a Cotswold winter with the beautiful walks in the countryside before returning to a log fire and a great meal.

The Bespoke Hotels Winter Getaway offer lasts through March, so there’s plenty of time to choose one or more Bespoke Hotels with this great deal available. With 38 properties to choose from all over England, Wales and Scotland, there’s a wealth of affordable options out there. Just go here to choose your hotel, then here to book.  But don’t delay as rooms are limited and there’s sure to be a big demand!

How Bespoke Golf Hotels Look after Your Golf Clubs

Carnoustie Golf Hotel

One of the reasons that many people choose one of the 10 Bespoke golf hotels rather than simply a hotel near a golf course is because of the time and effort that the hotel employees put into looking after your golf clubs and all of your sporting needs.

From the moment you arrive at your chosen Bespoke golf hotel, the employees will be expecting you to get out of your car with a shiny set of clubs. They know you will wish you clubs to be treated cautiously and carefully as they are transported either to your room or to a specific locker so that they can remain safe until you play. Here at Bespoke we understand that, over the course of time, a golfer and their clubs become one and fit perfectly, which is why they need to be treated with exceptional care.
Bespoke Golf Hotels are Extraordinary

golf-hotelsFor players, there is an extreme convenience in choosing Bespoke golf hotels. The hotel will be right alongside your chosen golf course and your room may even overlook greens, tees and fairways. When booking into one of the 10 Bespoke Golf hotels, guests will also be able to clarify tee times and availability.

Being able to walk the short distance from your accommodation to the first tee allows a golfer quick and easy access to the Bespoke Golf Hotel’s course without wasting any time. Clubs are always available so that after satisfying 18 holes in the morning, you can easily choose to add another nine in the afternoon, or the early evening during the summer period.

The 19th Hole

19th-hole-golf-hotelsGolfers often joke about their plans to reach the 19th hole after the day’s play. The 19th is where energy and celebration in the form of food and drink can be found. When you choose one of 10 Bespoke Golf hotels attached to courses across the country, you can rest assured that the standard of fare will be very high because the hotel will not just be feeding you after one round of golf; they will be providing for all of your needs for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Booking is Easy

By choosing to pay and stay at Bespoke golf hotels, you are removing the need to make reservations and cross your fingers that everything works seamlessly. Placing your trust in a facility that understands how to look after your clubs and have them available when you call will ensure your requirements as a player are met.

Find out more by clicking here.  Once you’ve seen the fine range of courses ad properties available, why not go here to book.