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Bespoke Hotels Presents: Take 3

So you’ve set the date, carefully selected and invited your guests, based on what type of evening – informal, networking, bibulous, artistic, literary, political, matchmaking, or just the simple pleasure of entertaining friends – you have in mind. You’ve run a mental check to ensure that there are no interpersonal reasons such as rocky relationships or naked animosity to prevent this group of people from enjoying each other’s company. Your guests have accepted your invitation, so you know how many you’ll be catering for.

Bespoke Hotels – Take 3 Cookbook Bespoke Hotels – Take 3 Cookbook

You’ve checked the dining table for wear and tear and decided that it will pass muster. You’ve run a stocktake on cutlery and crockery and made a mental note to make sure you and your partner get the chipped plates and the non-matching fork. You’ve thought about booking a babysitter, then decided it really isn’t worth the hassle and that good old-fashioned bribery should be enough to preserve a modicum of good behaviour for one evening at least.

Now for the biggest decision of all: the food you’ll be serving. That’s where Bespoke Take 3 comes in…

Bespoke Hotels – Take 3 Cookbook Bespoke Hotels – Take 3 Cookbook

Within the pages of Bespoke’s debut cookery book you’ll find not just inspirational ideas for three courses from some of the most exciting professional chefs in the country, but you’ll also benefit from their thoughts on aspects of their trade and how these translate to the home kitchen, as well as recommendations for drink pairings.

Bespoke Hotels – Take 3 Cookbook Bespoke Hotels – Take 3 Cookbook

So unless you live in a 70s sitcom and are entertaining the boss, nothing can now stand in the way of one of the most enjoyable of all social institutions: an evening illuminated by a flow of wit and reason lubricated by judicious applications of the grape, and for you the never-failing satisfaction and joy offered by serving your guests delicious, appealing, imaginative and memorable food.

Click here to take a sneaky peak inside, and to order your copy today!