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Enjoy a Couple’s Trip at Boutique Hotels in London and other UK locations

Great Boutique Hotels

Have you wanted to get away with a loved one but don’t want the traditional candlelight and roses that many boutique hotels offer? Boutique hotels in trendy cities like London are a great way to have a holiday without fitting into the mould of fine dining, spa treatments, and scenic walks in the garden. The Bespoke hotels that fit the bill are modern and often have a cutting-edge theme that sets them apart from other local accommodations.

One advantage to trendy boutique hotel locations are that they’re often right in the middle of restaurants, clubs, cultural activities, and shopping. While you can still find your traditional dining establishments and enjoy luxury romantic city walks, you can also visit current exhibits at a local gallery or take in a movie at the cinema.

Enjoy Sightseeing and Local Culture

When you arrive at your chosen Bespoke Boutique Hotel why not ask the locals where the cool places to hang out are? Then take advantage and actually visit those places. When you stay at a Bespoke boutique hotel you will be in the middle of everything, so don’t get so busy trying to see the traditional tourist attractions and miss the local culture that makes that boutique hotel’s city so funky.

If you’re spending more than one or two nights at your chosen Bespoke boutique hotel, you’ll have plenty of time to visit local green markets, art galleries, catch a movie, and grab a drink at the local pub. Not sure where to start? Ask the friendly Bespoke boutique hotel front desk staff what they recommend for someone who wants to steer clear of the traditional sights and really explore the city. Ask about everything from restaurants to outdoor venues to small bookshops that might host local poetry readings.

Take Advantage of What your Bespoke Boutique Hotel Offers

Bespoke boutique hotels often have a design that allows you to explore and experience the city in a completely different way than other hotels. Maybe there’s a panoramic rooftop view of the city skyline or nighttime rooftop dining that lets you sit above the rest of the city while it goes about its normal business.

Bespoke hotel bedrooms are often trendy and have the latest technology for your enjoyment. Whether it’s wireless access for your laptop or Smartphone, or flat screen televisions that integrate with your computer, a trendy boutique hotel is going to make sure that you enjoy your time in the room as much as you do out of the room. When staying at a trendy hotel, be sure to explore as much of the local area as possible but don’t forget to enjoy the experience that the hotel offers, too.

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