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Poodle Power at our Boutique Hotel in London

We’re beyond the point of caring whether it makes us sound like Paris Hilton, our pets are important to us, and so what if they are a little pampered from time to time when we want to take them to a boutique hotel for a break?

Bermondsey Square Hotel - a London Boutique hotel

The satire and stereotypes may be abundant, but at Laterooms.com’s “Simply the Guest” awards, it was the animal friendly amongst us who were laughing, including our beloved Bermondsey Square Hotel (B2) in London.

Four stars and oodles of character are not the only things that make this boutique hotel shine; its uniqueness goes another step as it welcomes pets through its doors.

Setting itself apart even from its mutually award-winning counterparts however is that B2 is amongst the few truly stylish pet-friendly hotels residing in the midst of urban bliss.

On its offbeat corner of Bermondsey High Street, located in the area of the famous Friday Bermondsey Antiques Market, it is just a stone’s throw from both iconic city favourites including The Shard, the Tate Modern and the culinary delights of Borough Market, a perfect setting for a boutique hotel in London.

Bermondsey Square Hotel a London boutique hotel
Bermondsey Square Hotel

All part of the excellent service, B2 can provide dog beds, bowls, treats, a map of bars, shops and restaurants that also welcome four-legged friends, and 10% off leads, collars and harnesses at Holly & Lil – Collar Couture, a neighbour to this boutique hotel.

It’s not all just about making waves in the hospitality industry, it’s about putting your proverbial paw print on the world, and the Bermondsey Square hotel certainly knows how!

What makes a romantic getaway?

 boutique hotel bedroom

Ask any couple what they think makes the ultimate romantic getaway and you will probably get slightly different answers from each partner.  Speaking to a friend recently she said her husband’s idea of the perfect break was sun, sea, sand and surfing, while hers was sun, sea, sand and no surfing.  We will leave it to you to figure out what happened on the honeymoon.

There are a few silver screen standards that go without saying when it comes to romance, candlelit dinners and beautiful views for example.  On the flip side, while it’s highly entertaining, the upcoming release of the 50 Shades of Grey film on Valentine’s Day probably isn’t high on the serious priority list for most.

Nonetheless, at Bespoke we have our own ideas about what is a truly romantic getaway in a hotel, many of them actually, but here’s a few to whet the appetite.

A waterside location

At The Lugger Hotel in Cornwall there are a lot of things that make it special – it is really a chocolate-box perfect kinda romantic getaway.  Y’know, service, sea and utterly timeless.

Bespoke Hotels - The Lugger
The Lugger Hotel Cornwall

It is a toss up as to whether the best part of The Lugger Hotel is the beautiful pared-down luxe design or the location overlooking the sea, cliffs and headland.  Perhaps it’s a combination of the two – either way, it’s perfect.

Historic atmosphere

A lot of the time what really makes a hotel stand out is something intangible – a combination of the history, the architecture and the service, all of which make up an enchanting atmosphere.  The Grosvenor Arms in Shaftsbury has atmosphere in spades.

Bespoke - The Grosvenor Arms Shaftesbury

Once a medieval posting inn, it now has the gravitas of a building with a past, but, having had a nice contemporary makeover.  There is a cosy pub vibe throughout and is situated so that you can explore Salisbury, Bath, and the Dorset coastline with ease.  It’s the ideal place to potter along for the weekend hand-in-hand.

A fairytale castle

What can we say?  Cinderella would have been proud of this one.  No matter how ball busting you happen Stonefield Castle on the shores of Loch Fyne is the sort of fairytale location that will make you go weak at the knees.

Bespoke - Stonefield Castle
Stonefield Castle

With a history dating back to 1837 it showcases Scottish baronial architecture at its finest and still has original touches such as wood paneling and marble fireplaces.  Visit when there’s snow on the ground or flowers sprouting along the water’s edge, it’s a magic romantic getaway.

 A private hot tub

If all else fails, a private hot tub is always a bit of a winner, and Bermondsey Square Hotel in London has a suite (Lucy) with its own hot tub overlooking the city.  The hotel is utterly contemporary with design inspired by the Beatles and all suites named with a nod to their most famous songs.

Bespoke - Bermondsey Square Hotel
Bermondsey Square Hotel

It is located for couples wanting to spend a little time exploring the sites, but then again, you can see the London Eye from the hot tub, so what you do with your time is up to you!


A Cotswolds Bespoke Hotel – Explore the Quiet Side of England

Stonehouse-Court-HotelAre you looking for the ideal location to unwind and relax this spring? Do you want an area that provides stunning views and small, quaint villages, untouched by modern fads and gimmicks? Perhaps it’s time you visited a Cotswolds Bespoke Hotel and experienced Southern England’s world famous Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

You can start by researching the Cotswolds Bespoke Hotels so that you can catch a glimpse of what awaits, before you plan which activities you wish to undertake and ensure that you pack all of the essentials for the trip. With the weather getting better by the hour, you’ll probably spend a lot of time outdoors, so make sure you have the right type clothing and footwear to enjoy the hills, parks, and gardens.

Relax in Style in a Cotswolds Bespoke Hotel

Cotswold House Hotel

A Cotswolds Bespoke Hotel resembles an old world country estate and provides lashings of both luxury and home comfort. Many of these chic hotels stand on acres of land and all are surrounded by rare natural beauty. It’s not uncommon to look out your window and see beautifully landscaped gardens with butterflies flittering everywhere, especially at this time of year. In fact, you may become so relaxed and comfortable that you don’t want to leave your bed at all!

However, despite the stunning views, if you choose to sit in your room on your spring break you’ll will miss out on so much that the Cotswolds area has to offer. Although it can be difficult to leave when staying at a Cotswolds Bespoke Hotel that caters to your every whim, it wouldn’t be a true spring break if you didn’t see some of the beauty of the region. When researching a Cotswolds Bespoke Hotel, be sure to ask about any local events happening so you can plan your itinerary. Our staff will be more than happy to help.

Exploring the Countryside

Cotswolds- Bespoke-Hotel
Bespoke Country Hotels

Although Bespoke chic hotels give you every reason to stay in bed all day, you’ll be glad you ventured out. While visiting the area you can take advantage of the beautiful parks by taking walks on the trails or having a hillside picnic. You can also rent a kayak or electric boat to explore the canals. If you want a really relaxing day, take a stroll through one of the many gardens or arboretums in the area, or if you prefer indoor activities there are plenty of museums to help you learn about the area. You can then finish off your day with a dinner at the great restaurant in your Cotswold Bespoke Hotel.

Indunil Upatissa- country-hotel-chef
Indunil Upatissa Award Winning Chef at the Noel Arms Hotel

A Cotswolds Bespoke Hotel fits right into the beautiful essence of the region. With landscaped gardens and superb architecture of the Cotswolds, you’ll leave your holiday feeling renewed and relaxed.

Check out which Cotswolds Bespoke Hotel suits you and then book your spring break here.

Bespoke Boutique Hotels have Personalised Service this Valentine’s Day

Bespoke-hotels-valentine-offersBefore you know it Valentine’s Day will be upon us. It’s about that time to start making plans to show your loved one how much you care. This year, why not make a departure from the usual routine of chocolates or sentimental greeting cards by booking one of the Bespoke Boutique Hotels instead?

If you’ve ever stayed in one of the large, impersonal hotels dotted around the country, where you find individual service lacking and you quickly come to feel like a number rather than a guest, then you’ll know it’s time for an alternative. Seeking out one of the Bespoke Boutique Hotels across the UK and abroad could be just the ticket, providing you with a smaller property as well as a better and more personal experience.

You’ll soon find that Bespoke Boutique Hotels are more than just a little different from the norm, and because of that they are extremely special and, once discovered by you, always sought one prior to your future travels.

Guaranteeing Luxury Facilities

Although the majority of Bespoke Boutique Hotels are much smaller than the big brand names, you’ll be secure in the knowledge that you’re going to receive a wonderful welcome, luxurious facilities and great personal service during your stay, especially when it coincides with Valentine’s Day! Bespoke Boutique Hotels are unique in that they provide a stylish and intimate setting for your hotel accommodation, as well as a high-class restaurant for the Valentine’s dinner itself.

Why Bespoke Boutique Hotels are successful

Bespoke Boutique Hotels survive on their reputation, which means that they must provide excellent service to ensure customers return time and time again. On special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, customers will only return if they are provided with a level of personal service that goes above and beyond that which they have experienced elsewhere.

Cotswold House Hotel

Because Bespoke Boutique Hotels are usually small by comparison, it’s easy for the employees and customers to get to know one another and become atuned. With customers bonding with employees in this way, morale amongst those employed in Bespoke Boutique Hotels is greater, especially when compared to larger brands. In turn, better morale always provides a higher level of personal service and a genuine interest in the customer’s stay at the hotel. In other words, everybody wins!

Quiet or Busy?

Depending on your requirements, Bespoke Boutique Hotels can vary from the high tech, those fitted with the latest technology and gadgets to enable you to blog and share your experience via social media, to the quiet and comfortable which will provide a relaxing and stress-free stay. In each case, employees pride themselves on their ability to devote their time to the customer’s individual needs.

The New Ellington Hotel

Bespoke Boutique Hotels create a niche for the discerning traveller which sets them apart from the competition via high levels of customer service and personal dedication to the visitors, thereby ensuring that every customer feels special. When a hotel remembers your name consistently, as well as knowing and understanding your particular quirks and requirements, it makes a big difference!

Valentine’s Packages

If you intend to celebrate the date with your loved one, but are in need of a little help, choose Bespoke Boutique Hotels and allow the staff to guide your search for a great Valentine’s short break package.

With a bit of advance planning, you can arrive to a room that’s filled with champagne, or even a personalised bouquet. All you need do is give some thought to what your ideal stay would include. There’s a good chance that one of the Bespoke Boutique Hotels can help you bring it to life.

Fortunately, there’s no need to start feeling stressed as the second week of February approaches. Use the ideas above as inspiration for planning a memorable and personalised celebration. For availability at Bespoke Boutique Hotels click here now!