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Bespoke Boutique Hotels have Personalised Service this Valentine’s Day

Bespoke-hotels-valentine-offersBefore you know it Valentine’s Day will be upon us. It’s about that time to start making plans to show your loved one how much you care. This year, why not make a departure from the usual routine of chocolates or sentimental greeting cards by booking one of the Bespoke Boutique Hotels instead?

If you’ve ever stayed in one of the large, impersonal hotels dotted around the country, where you find individual service lacking and you quickly come to feel like a number rather than a guest, then you’ll know it’s time for an alternative. Seeking out one of the Bespoke Boutique Hotels across the UK and abroad could be just the ticket, providing you with a smaller property as well as a better and more personal experience.

You’ll soon find that Bespoke Boutique Hotels are more than just a little different from the norm, and because of that they are extremely special and, once discovered by you, always sought one prior to your future travels.

Guaranteeing Luxury Facilities

Although the majority of Bespoke Boutique Hotels are much smaller than the big brand names, you’ll be secure in the knowledge that you’re going to receive a wonderful welcome, luxurious facilities and great personal service during your stay, especially when it coincides with Valentine’s Day! Bespoke Boutique Hotels are unique in that they provide a stylish and intimate setting for your hotel accommodation, as well as a high-class restaurant for the Valentine’s dinner itself.

Why Bespoke Boutique Hotels are successful

Bespoke Boutique Hotels survive on their reputation, which means that they must provide excellent service to ensure customers return time and time again. On special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, customers will only return if they are provided with a level of personal service that goes above and beyond that which they have experienced elsewhere.

Cotswold House Hotel

Because Bespoke Boutique Hotels are usually small by comparison, it’s easy for the employees and customers to get to know one another and become atuned. With customers bonding with employees in this way, morale amongst those employed in Bespoke Boutique Hotels is greater, especially when compared to larger brands. In turn, better morale always provides a higher level of personal service and a genuine interest in the customer’s stay at the hotel. In other words, everybody wins!

Quiet or Busy?

Depending on your requirements, Bespoke Boutique Hotels can vary from the high tech, those fitted with the latest technology and gadgets to enable you to blog and share your experience via social media, to the quiet and comfortable which will provide a relaxing and stress-free stay. In each case, employees pride themselves on their ability to devote their time to the customer’s individual needs.

The New Ellington Hotel

Bespoke Boutique Hotels create a niche for the discerning traveller which sets them apart from the competition via high levels of customer service and personal dedication to the visitors, thereby ensuring that every customer feels special. When a hotel remembers your name consistently, as well as knowing and understanding your particular quirks and requirements, it makes a big difference!

Valentine’s Packages

If you intend to celebrate the date with your loved one, but are in need of a little help, choose Bespoke Boutique Hotels and allow the staff to guide your search for a great Valentine’s short break package.

With a bit of advance planning, you can arrive to a room that’s filled with champagne, or even a personalised bouquet. All you need do is give some thought to what your ideal stay would include. There’s a good chance that one of the Bespoke Boutique Hotels can help you bring it to life.

Fortunately, there’s no need to start feeling stressed as the second week of February approaches. Use the ideas above as inspiration for planning a memorable and personalised celebration. For availability at Bespoke Boutique Hotels click here now!


Bespoke Hotels are best with the Winter Getaway offer.

Bespoke-Hotels-Winter-Getaway-OfferWhilst it might be tempting to make like a bear and hibernate until winter’s end, we think a trip out of town might be just the thing to kickstart your year. Especially when you consider the offer of a room for only £25 per person from Bespoke Hotels .

Why not visit destinations that are actually improved by the chill? Locations with snow-covered paths, piping hot chocolate and wood-burning fireplaces are just the ticket for this time of year. And you can visit them all by booking the Bespoke Hotels Winter Getaway offer.

With this in mind, Bespoke Hotels are offering a surprising number of honest-to-goodness winter wonderlands from just £25 per person, per night.

From properties close to our big cities and their January sales, to magnificent castle hotels set in acres of picturesque countryside, a Bespoke Hotels Winter Getaway has something for everyone at an extremely affordable price.

Expect roaring fires, cosy armchairs, festive afternoon teas and especially crafted seasonal menus. From Cornwall to Scotland, Bespoke Hotels has the best of aristocratic Britain.

Winter Getaway 2014

For example let’s look at the offering of the Ennerdale Country House Hotel in the Lake District. The Lakeland mountains are especially magnificent at this time of year, when a sense of calm descends and brings visitors closer to the surrounding wooded slopes.

The Bespoke Hotels Winter Getaway offer also extends to 13 hotels in Scotland.  From the camaraderie of the hotel bar and steamed restaurant windows, to the prospect of actual bonafide skiing, it’s a majestic place at this time of year. Castles abound both to stay in and visit, making this a truly spellbinding place to visit in the winter.

Come February the days lengthen, but the colder temperatures arrive. The place to head for then is the Cotswolds.  The “olde-world” charm of Bespoke Hotels 3 properties in the area and the wealth of history and peace enjoyed by the region make it a perfect place to visit for just £25 per person, per night. You’ll take home favourite memories of a Cotswold winter with the beautiful walks in the countryside before returning to a log fire and a great meal.

The Bespoke Hotels Winter Getaway offer lasts through March, so there’s plenty of time to choose one or more Bespoke Hotels with this great deal available. With 38 properties to choose from all over England, Wales and Scotland, there’s a wealth of affordable options out there. Just go here to choose your hotel, then here to book.  But don’t delay as rooms are limited and there’s sure to be a big demand!

How Bespoke Family Hotels Bring Convenience to Families between Christmas and New Year

Bespoke-family-hotels-christmas-2013Parents will admit that finding accommodation that provides for all of your needs at a great price can be extremely difficult, especially when your children are going to be staying with you. Bespoke family hotels understand the specific needs of the adults and children during their stay and can cater well for everyone’s needs and ensure that no one is neglected at great prices between Christmas and New Year.

Services and Facilities from Bespoke Family Hotels

For everyone to be accommodated at great prices sufficiently and effectively during a stay at a hotel between Christmas  and New Year there must be a wide range of services and facilities to make certain that people of all ages are well provided for.

Bespoke Family Hotels

This doesn’t just mean that Bespoke family hotels’ rooms uses a mini-bar, but more that it caters for the specific needs of every age. There will be a good-sized television and perhaps a DVD player to cater for children’s needs, with some hotels even providing games machines in some hotel rooms. Also a lot of Bespoke family hotels have special events during the period between Christmas  and New Year.

During the recession some families have found it difficult to be able to eat in hotels for every meal everyday which is why good quality Bespoke family hotels offer great value children’s menus as well as offers for adults so that the family can enjoy all the facilities of Bespoke family hotels between Christmas and New Year without leaving the accommodation to seek meals elsewhere.

Security is Important

Where a family is travelling away from their home, they are outside of their comfort zone because they do not understand the area where they are living, temporarily. Bespoke family hotels provide 24/7 service and security tol help keep a family reassured that they are safe and secure while they are in the confines of the hotel grounds.

The guests will expect that the majority of travellers in Bespoke family hotels to be similar to themselves so all Bespoke family hotels are friendly for families as between Christmas and New Year they are not targeted directly at business people with no allowance for the young or the elderly.

Bespoke family hotels think carefully about the security of young children to be attractive for families on their travels as they understand that the room, general areas as well as swimming pools and child friendly areas will be safe for their use.

Meals in Bespoke Family Hotels Restaurants

Bespoke-Family-Hotel-RestaurantsAs previously stated, one of the essential aspects of Bespoke family hotels is in the quality of the menu in restaurants and snack bars. Children do not usually wish to eat the same food as their parents or guardians, but that doesn’t mean that they need to live on burgers and hot dogs while they are staying in the hotel. Bespoke family hotels provide a range of tasty alternatives on their menus so that everyone can be satisfied.

So wherever you wish to stay Bespoke family hotels have great offers between Christmas and New Year but you’d better hurry to book as rooms are going quickly.  Choose your hotel here and then book here .

Bespoke Hotels wish you and all your family season’s greetings and look forward to seeing you very soon.

It may well be the end of summer, but it’s not quite the end of summer festivals in and around Bespoke boutique hotels

Although international was very much the buzzword of summer 2012, with nothing less than the Olympic games drawing the world’s attention to the UK, 2013 has a much more local feel.

But that doesn’t mean the party’s over, oh no! Celebrations of food and drink, alongside carnivals and other such extravaganzas will still be taking place all around the UK this September, with live music events outside the Bermondsey Square Hotel taking place across the last few weekends. Dubbed Bring it to Bermondsey, this event has been a tremendous success so far, with talent from the borough and across London joining with the local community to dance, sing, and fill their bellies. So why not take advantage before it’s all over and treat yourself to an overnight stay right in the heart of the action at Bermondsey Square Hotel.

But where do all these festivals come from?

There are many different types of festivals both in the UK and around the world, with notable examples including Halloween, Saturnalia, and Christmas. The word “fest” actually derives from the Middle English, from the Middle French word festivus, which in turn grew out of the Latin word festivus. Festival was first recorded as a noun in 1589. Before that it had been used as an verb from the fourteenth century, meaning the act of celebrating a church holiday. The etymology of feast is very similar to that of festival. The word “feste” comes from Middle English, in turn from Middle French, and prior to that from the Latin word festa. The term first came into usage as a noun circa 1200, and feast started to be used as a verb around a century later. A festival is a special occasion of feasting or celebration, which is usually religious.


Festivals of many types serve to meet specific needs, as well as to provide entertainment. These times of celebration offer a sense of belonging for religious, social, or geographical groups. Modern festivals that focus on cultural or ethnic topics seek to inform members of their traditions and bring enjoyment to attendees, whereas in past times festivals were occasions when the elderly shared stories and provided a sense of unity among families. And what better than to combine one with an Autumn break at one of Bespoke’s boutique hotels.

Other Festivals near Bespoke Hotels

If you can’t make it to the capital to enjoy Bring it to Bermondsey, never fear! miniBite Weekends are taking place throughout October at Bespoke properties in the Cotswolds. These special weekends feature Artisan Food Fairs, special dinners and breakfasts, cookery schools, fungal forays, Christmas markets and much, much more.

It all takes place in the North Cotswolds around the picturesque village of Chipping Camden, which is coincidentally right where you’ll find two of the best-loved Bespoke luxury hotels, Cotswold House Hotel and The Noel Arms. It’s shaping up to be a truly great way to spend an Autumn weekend!

Furthermore, if you’re planning a break in Scotland and feeling romantic in early October, why not visit the Scottish Wedding Show in Glasgow as well as staying in one of the 22 hotels Bespoke has to offer across the region?

Whatever type of hotel you like, small or large, boutique, family, city or country you can find one to give you a great offer this Autumn, as Bespoke Hotels get prepared for the Winter season with typical exuberance.

And the best part is that most events are extremely affordable, or even free! So beat the post-Summer blues with another great Autumn break in Bespoke boutique hotels.