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How Bespoke Golf Hotels Look after Your Golf Clubs

Carnoustie Golf Hotel

One of the reasons that many people choose one of the 10 Bespoke golf hotels rather than simply a hotel near a golf course is because of the time and effort that the hotel employees put into looking after your golf clubs and all of your sporting needs.

From the moment you arrive at your chosen Bespoke golf hotel, the employees will be expecting you to get out of your car with a shiny set of clubs. They know you will wish you clubs to be treated cautiously and carefully as they are transported either to your room or to a specific locker so that they can remain safe until you play. Here at Bespoke we understand that, over the course of time, a golfer and their clubs become one and fit perfectly, which is why they need to be treated with exceptional care.
Bespoke Golf Hotels are Extraordinary

golf-hotelsFor players, there is an extreme convenience in choosing Bespoke golf hotels. The hotel will be right alongside your chosen golf course and your room may even overlook greens, tees and fairways. When booking into one of the 10 Bespoke Golf hotels, guests will also be able to clarify tee times and availability.

Being able to walk the short distance from your accommodation to the first tee allows a golfer quick and easy access to the Bespoke Golf Hotel’s course without wasting any time. Clubs are always available so that after satisfying 18 holes in the morning, you can easily choose to add another nine in the afternoon, or the early evening during the summer period.

The 19th Hole

19th-hole-golf-hotelsGolfers often joke about their plans to reach the 19th hole after the day’s play. The 19th is where energy and celebration in the form of food and drink can be found. When you choose one of 10 Bespoke Golf hotels attached to courses across the country, you can rest assured that the standard of fare will be very high because the hotel will not just be feeding you after one round of golf; they will be providing for all of your needs for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Booking is Easy

By choosing to pay and stay at Bespoke golf hotels, you are removing the need to make reservations and cross your fingers that everything works seamlessly. Placing your trust in a facility that understands how to look after your clubs and have them available when you call will ensure your requirements as a player are met.

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