Friday. It’s the new Saturday

Have you ever wondered how some people get upgraded to First or Business class on long-haul flights? Or why it always seems to be someone else who receives a large voucher when they complain, when all you get is a recorded voice saying ‘we do value your custom but all of our customer service representatives are busy right now’? How come some people manage to get such great deals on hotel rooms?

We can’t really answer the first two questions, but we can give you a good tip on the third.

Think Friday. For many hotels, Friday is the new Sunday…that hard-to-fill day of the week. Friday is when the business-people have hit the home-road, and potential leisure guests are toiling through the rush-hour, arriving home too late to set off for a weekend away. And there’s nothing we hoteliers like less than an empty bed.

So why not take a day off, or a half-day on Friday, get ahead of the madding crowd, and think about a nice out-of-town break, maybe with a game of golf or a couple of spa treatments? There are bargains to be had.

First of all, identify a hotel or a place you fancy, ring them up, and just ask. ‘What’s the best rate you can do for next Friday?’

There’s a good chance you’ll get a good room-rate, or some sort of special offer – even more so if you make it a 2 or 3-night stay, to include Saturday and Sunday.

Sunday, of course, is traditionally the best day for offers, and that still remains the case. This is where the ‘dinkies’ (double-income, no kids) amongst you really get to cash in, as you don’t have to spend Sunday evening getting the little angels ready for the school-week ahead. Why not take a Monday morning off, and make the most of it!

Just handing out at The Bermondsey Square Hotel.
Just hanging out.