Selecting a cigar at 10 Manchester Street Hotel

Choosing a cigar

Selecting a cigar at 10 Manchester Street Hotel

The all-weather cigar terrace at 10 Manchester Street is a favourite of London’s cigar-smoking cognoscenti – one of the few places where you can sit and enjoy your favourite cigar, and also take advantage of the advice of knowledgeable staff, purpose-built cupboard humidors and a superb selection of hand-rolled Havanas in perfect condition.

First, and foremost, you need to know what you like. Some cigar smokers say that your taste in cigars may be similar to your taste in coffee. If you like your coffee strong and bold, you might want a robust cigar. If you like a miler, more subtly flavoured blend of tea, you might find you prefer a light and creamy cigar.

Have a think about where you plan to be smoking. Will it be on the golf course in between holes, or on the 19th? Will it be a leisurely affair after a decent dinner? Cigars burn very differently – and some will give you up to an hour’s smoking.

The smoking time equates basically to the size – not just the length, but the thickness as well. Names such as Churchill, Corona or Lonsdale indicate both ring size and length. Ring gauge on cigars is measured in 64th of an inch. A Lonsdale cigar, for example, is about six inches long and has a ring gauge of 44. That makes it 44/64ths of an inch. A Churchill is a bit bigger – roughly 6.75 inches with a ring gauge of between 48 to 52. Hand-rolled cigars, by their nature, are going to vary a little in gauge.

10 Manchester Street runs regular cigar evenings, including the popular Ladies Cigar Evening, with talks by experts from Hunters & Frankau.

As GQ magazine said: “it manages to have a suave swagger all of its own….the pick of the hand-rolled offerings is a long draw on a Montecristo Edmundo and a large Polish mule (Zubrowka, lime, ginger beer). It’s the kind of place that makes you feel like you’ve just won a task on the Apprentice but without having to go to the hassle of impressing Sir Alan Sugar.”